2019 Trophy Winners

Aberdeenshire Cup (G1) Inverurie
Man of the MatchF. Lawrence & S. Murrison (Inverurie)
Bon Accord Cup (G2)2nd AGSFPs
Man of the MatchR. Knudson (2nd AGSFPs)
Reid Cup (G3)Crathie
Man of the MatchR. Humphrey (Crathie)
Bain Cup (G1 League)Bon Accord
Junior League Cup (G2 League)Siyapa
Ross Cup (G3 League)Portcullis
Turriff Cup (T20)Bon Accord
Walker Cup (G1 Batting)K. Anand (AGSFPs)
Urquhart Cup (G1 Bowling)S. Peedakayil (Knight Riders)
Dor Nor Cup (G2 Batting)J. George (Grampian)
Porter Cup (G2 Bowling)M. Shahid (Siyapa)
Donald Cup (G3 Batting)P. Cunningham (Crathie)
Morrison Cup (G3 Bowling)J. Thomas (Crathie)
Wilson Cup (Wicket-keeping)P. Cunningham (Crathie)
Abdul Hayee Cup (U18 Batting)S. Lister (Stoneywood-Dyce)
Jamila Akhtar Cup (U18 Bowling)D. Brown (Banchory)
Thistle Sports Trophy (7’s)Gordonians
Man of the MatchM. Bhandari (Gordonians)
Duncan Cup (7’s)Crescent
Man of the Match A. Pereira (Crescent)
Grade 1 Fair PlayEllon Gordon
Grade 2 Fair PlayFraserburgh
Grade 3 Fair PlayCrathie