Group 1

2nd Grampian v Stonehaven Thistle (16th May)
2nd Methlick v Banchory (16th May)

2nd Methlick v 2nd Grampian (30th May)
Stonehaven Thistle v Banchory (30th May)

Stonehaven Thistle v 2nd Methlick (6th June)
Banchory v 2nd Grampian (6th June)

Group 2

2nd Gordonians v Crathie (16th May)
Dunecht v Huntly (16th May)

Huntly v 2nd Gordonians (30th May)
Crathie v Dunecht (30th May)

Crathie v Huntly (6th June)
2nd Gordonians v Dunecht (6th June)


Winner Group 1 v Runner-up Group 2
Winner Group 2 v Runner-up Group 1

To be played on 27th June

Finals Day

To be played at Mannofield on 19th July (reserve date 16th August at a venue TBC)