We welcome the unexpected news that inter club fixtures were able to resume within Scotland with effect from 10th August. Unfortunately this news was preceded by the imposition of lockdown measures affecting travel in to and out of Aberdeen City. We are grateful to the clubs within Aberdeen City who took the sensible step to cancel intra club matches that they had arranged for last weekend.

Cricket Scotland yesterday advised that intra and inter club fixtures will not be permitted whilst local restrictions are in place within the City. All match activity within Aberdeen City is therefore suspended until further notice. This will be reviewed on a weekly basis and will be based on Government advice.

If your club has been training during this period you may continue to do so providing you adhere to the guidelines that have been set out by Cricket Scotland and the Scottish Government. However, Cricket Scotland would ask that you consider the potential risks that may affect your club by continuing to train, as the safety and wellbeing of your members is a priority.

Intra and inter club fixtures are permitted for clubs based in Aberdeenshire providing they follow the guidance laid down for these games. These protocols are stretching, and you should not be arranging fixtures unless you are confident that you can adhere to these guidelines in full – http://www.cricketscotland.com/covid-19-return-to-cricket/

Please note that it is not permitted to travel in to or out of Aberdeen City for cricket, whether it be training or matches. For the avoidance of doubt, this link details the area of Aberdeen City for which these travel restrictions apply – https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-aberdeen-city-council-area-map/

There is no excuse for failing to follow these guidelines, particularly given the extensive reporting in the media of the problems affecting Scottish football. Please do not be the individual or club that breaches the guidelines and risks the ability of others throughout the country to play cricket.

NESC SCIO support the advice given by Cricket Scotland who have not taken this decision lightly, and acknowledge that with only a few weeks of the season remaining, this will be disappointing for some players, however we believe this decision to be in the best interests of the sport both within Aberdeen and throughout the country.

In terms of local fixtures, the NESC SCIO believes we have passed the point in the season where it is feasible for us to organise fixtures between clubs. Other than grounds over which individual clubs have access, the only facility available to us at the moment is Links, and we will be discussing the viability of maintaining Links with Sport Aberdeen given the current guidance.