Cricket Scotland announces strategic refresh Cricket Scotland has today (Thursday) announced a number of significant changes in strategy that will underpin long-term success for the international teams and deliver a more sustainable governing body in the years ahead. For the first time, paid contracts will be offered to women’s international team players. This builds on the move to pay equal match fees to the men’s and women’s players introduced in 2021 and will enable a number of players to devote more time to training and practice and is a start to putting the women’s game onto a fully professional footing. Cricket Scotland has also announced a refocus of the strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and other support services provision. The governing body is in discussions with the sportscotland institute of sport to explore how the performance programme can be further supported. As a result, seven contracted staff in these areas will not have their contracts renewed at the end of this year and Cricket Scotland will reluctantly have to make up to three permanent staff roles redundant. The changes are required to refocus the governing body’s priorities and to establish a strong financial base from which to launch an ambitious new strategy for the sport in the coming months. As part of the reset, Cricket Scotland will also now recruit a number of key positions to rebuild resilience in the governing body and support the delivery of key changes highlighted in the Changing the Boundaries report including a Head of Communications, an EDI Manager and a Conduct in Sport Manager, as well as contracting external HR support to ensure the highest standards of people management and support are in place for all staff. Cricket Scotland has also announced that current Interim Chief Executive, Gordon Arthur, will remain in position until November 2023 on a fixed term contract, to ensure stability and continuity during this period of substantial restructuring. A recruitment process for a permanent Chief Executive will take place next year when the organisation has been strengthened. Cricket Scotland is currently developing an exciting new five-year strategy for the sport which it plans to publish in early 2023. This strategy will recognise the need to reinvigorate relationships at a grassroots level, in particular the five United Determined Excellence Dynamic Integrity Inclusive Paul Macari Head of Operations / Interim Head of Media & Comms 07808 541982